Week 3

”Go Make Disciples"

This week we want to look at how God plans to use you to bring others into the freedom from sin that you have found in Christ. First, we will consider how important your own life is in sharing with others.

Day 15

1. To be a disciple is to come under the discipline of Jesus Christ. To be a disciple is to let Jesus Christ be Lord in all the areas of your life. Examine carefully the following items and make sure that you are opening up and working on those that are applicable to you. 

Financial status. (Are you using money wisely? Are you taking care of debts? Are you giving generously to the Church? Is all your money God’s money?)

Sexuality. (Are you completely free of any immoral relationships? Are you opening up your struggles to others who can help and encourage you? Are you strongly rejecting the world’s attitude toward sex and replacing it with God’s attitude?) This area is a real stumbling block for many young Christians. Don’t dismiss it lightly.

Time Management. (Are you eliminating wasted time from your schedule? Do you have definite plans at the beginning of each day? Have you shared your schedule with someone else to get their opinion and in-put?)

Read I Thessalonians 4:1-12 for Biblical encouragement in all these areas.

Day 16

1. Turn to I Peter 3:13-17 (especially noting verses 15 and 16). 2. What is involved in each of these statements:

      a. "In your hearts acknowledge Christ as the Holy Lord"        b. "Always be prepared to give an answer …"        c. "With gentleness and respect"        d. "Keeping a clear conscience"

3. Who are the people around you? Write down their names. they need to hear the answer about Christ as Lord in the spirit of the passage you have just read.

Day 17

1. The last words a person speaks usually tell us a lot about the major things on their heart. Turn to Matthew 28:18-20 and read again the final commission of Jesus before he left this world. 2. What does it mean to you that "all authority has been given to Jesus Christ?" What does it mean that he has all the authority over you? 3. What are the implications for your life of his statement to "Go?" 4. When we "go," what does Jesus Christ want us to do? 5. Look back over the list of people you wrote down yesterday. Begin praying for them specifically that you may "go" to them with the message Jesus has given to you.

Day 18

1. Start today with Colossians 4:2-6. 2. List all the things you find here that relate to sharing your faith with someone. 3. What does it mean to "make the most of every opportunity?" How have you used the opportunities of this week? What can you do to use them more for the Lord?

Day 19

1. We tend to think that certain situations are not good ones for sharing the Gospel. Most of us would find being in prison and in chains a terrible circumstance for evangelism. Read Acts 16:22-34. 2. To see that this was no fluke, turn next to Philippians 1:12-14 and listen to what Paul has to say while writing from another prison (This one probably in Rome where he was chained to a guard). 3. What situations are you in right now? Write down why these situations make sharing the Gospel difficult. Having done this, now give all these excuses up to the Lord and claim the fact that he is able to work powerfully in all circumstances. Turn over to Philippians 4:4-6 for encouragement.

Day 20

1.  To "Go Make Disciples" we need great boldness and courage. In ourselves we don’t have what it takes. The Holy Spirit will fill us with the boldness we need. Read Acts 4:8-13 (noting especially verse 13). 2. Also notice the message we must proclaim. It is found in verse 12. Don’t ever water this message down. It is the only thing that can change men’s lives. 3. Look also at II Timothy 1:7. When you find yourself being timid, you can be sure that it is your SELF. For God has not given you a spirit of timidity or fear. It doesn’t come from him. The self must be denied and we must give God’s Spirit the freedom to fill us with power and love and self-control. There are many statements in the Scripture concerning the courage and boldness God will give us. Keep studying and never be satisfied with timidity or fear.

Day 21

1. No real evangelism or discipling takes place until we have brought a person into the Body of Christ. As you share with people, make every effort to introduce them to the members of the Body where you are. Experience shows that this is a powerful tool in reaching people. 2. Look at Acts 2:42-48. This is to be the spirit found in our fellowship; and when outsiders come in, they will be convicted that something is missing in their lives. 3. You have now been a disciple for three weeks. You should be having an impact on others for Jesus Christ by now. If this is not happening, or if you see that it could be happening much more, get with an older brother or sister and share what is going on. Let them encourage and help you.

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