Paul Methvin

“Three Unusual Days”
There has possibly never been a greater need for the refreshing message of Jesus to be proclaimed.  Our nation is crumbling and the future is grave.  Were it not for the power of God’s message to change hearts and thus alter the future, hopelessness would abound unchallenged.  With the firm belief that God’s people are key in bringing about needed change, my life’s work continues in encouraging and challenging all to revew zeal and stand firmly anchored upon the way that is right and can not be wrong.  Through preaching, teaching, counseling and challenging brethren everywhere I am committed to never waver but to accept every opportunity possible to uplift all with complete devotion and labor in His cause.

The good people at Palmdale have supported my endeavors around the world for years.  The work continues – – – invitations are abundant and my heart rejoices in thanksgiving that God allows me to continue.  I have no words to adequately thank you properly in this life, but will attempt that task with vigor for the first ten million or so years of eternity in heaven with you.  Thank you – – – I love you!  Together we can do more!
Yours in Him,
Paul Methvin

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