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The U.S. Government has stated emphatically that the war against drugs is a war that we cannot win. Well, we at the Metropolitan Fresh Start House don’t believe that the war cannot be won because of the testimony of the men who have graduated from our program.

Jerry, who once faced three life sentences and had his picture on wanted posters in the Post Office but now has his picture on billboards telling the world what can happen when a man takes advantage of a second chance. Calvin, a Fresh Start graduate is now a supervisor at a construction company and is now in charge of tearing down the jail that once was his home. Calvin is also the job developer of Fresh Start.

Craig, also has won the war against drugs. When Craig came to Fresh Start, he was so skinny that he could tap dance on a razor blade. Now Craig is a picture of health and earns over $100,000.00 per year in one of the trades.

There are hundreds who have won the war against drugs though the Fresh Start, Christ centered program. Our government can never win the war against drugs because they were never called and equipped by God to fight the war, the war on drugs is the Church’s job.

The opportunities are numerous at Fresh Start. It is through Fresh Start that a person can attend San Francisco State University free, from the freshman year through the masters degree. Most all trade schools, and Junior colleges are free to Fresh Start clients. And the list of free services at this one stop shop continues.

We continue to solicit your support for a war that we can and are winning on the front line.

Please never forget, the war against the drug pandemic has taken more lives, broken up more families, cost more to families and the U.S. Tax payer and lasted longer than any war this nation has ever fought. Please continue to support Fresh Start in winning this war for many families and especially the church.

May God Bless you all,

Kinwood H. DeVore

Minister Executive Director

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