The Sojouners

The Sojourner program was a dream of Paul and Peggie Scott. Paul was a career Navy man and, as such, had been in many places where the congregations of the Lord’s people were small in number and struggling. It was his dream to do something to alleviate the situation by helping these congregations to become self-supporting and strengthen the Church. While living in California they worked with congregations of all sizes and conducted workshops statewide. At the time he retired from the Navy, he was serving as an elder of the Pacific Beach Church of Christ in San Diego, California. He still had the dream and hope of a particular type of mission work, but had not fully decided just how this would be accomplished. They moved to Lubbock, TX and attended the Sunset School of Preaching to better prepare themselves. They worked for a short period in Wyoming and Kansas. While in Kansas, Richard and Georgie Jones joined them. They had an RV as did some others and an idea began to grow that this would be the way to accomplish what had become known as "Paul and Peggie’s Dream." The Frazier Street congregation in Conroe, TX sent them to a mission field in South Carolina where they worked for three years. When they completed the work there, they went to Staten Island, NY for a 3 month mission effort before returning to Texas. Another couple shared in the dream with Paul and Peggie. They were Marvin and Linda Hall from San Diego where Marvin was serving as an elder with the Pacific Beach congregation. They left San Diego and attended the Sunset School of Preaching to participate in a study course for which Paul had made arrangements. In 1978 these two couples held the first workshop in Weslaco, TX In January 1979 the group adopted their identifying name of National Evangelism With Sojourners. The number has continued to grow year after year. However, there is always more requests for help than there are Sojourners to do the work.   The Sojourner program of work was, for 13 years, sponsored by the congregation in Conroe, Texas. Since 1991 it has been under the oversight of the Elders of the Burleson, TX Church of Christ. However, individuals are encouraged to remain under the oversight of their local elders, whenever possible, and send them a report periodically to let them know of their activities. The congregation at Burleson is very active with an eldership of eight Godly men. Every effort is made to maintain a scriptural mission of the Church of Christ and always do everything to the glory of God.   The National Evangelism with Sojourners is made up of dedicated, mature Christians who have retired from their jobs in the work place but still wish to have a fulfilling life in service to their Lord. Some may wish to sojourn part time and some full time. The work with the Sojourners is purely voluntary. It is necessary to have a RV and be self-supporting. For those who have the desire and need for special training, arrangements have been made for their attendance at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX for six months where special studies are geared for the type of work they will be doing in an effort to strengthen the Church. There are, also, workshops held in various parts of the country throughout the year where there is further training and a schedule of work is planned. The Sojourners go only to congregations, camps or schools who have sent a written request. They work in teams with a team leader who has had training for working in this capacity. The sojourn in one place may vary in length from two weeks to several weeks, dependent upon the need. Sojourners have the security of traveling together, as well as the pleasure of being with other Christians.   The talents of the Sojourners are varied. Some are retired farmers, business men or women, military, teachers, policemen, engineers, chemists, hair dressers, secretaries, homemakers, college professors and specialists in many other fields. Their greatest gift is their desire to work for the Lord and to share their talents with others. Sojourners teach by example, as well as instruction, making it possible for anyone to participate.   The spirit of National Evangelist with Sojourners is that they are "devoted to one another in brotherly love." Some of the areas in which Sojourners share their expertise with others are: Church growth studies Helping in a Bible educational system Teaching or establishing a ladies Bible class Church leadership training Song leader training Conducting a Bible survey Teaching one-on-one Teaching others how to teach Family counseling Organizing a church library or office Door knocking Painting and repairing at a children’s home or Christian college Cooking at a youth camp Working in disaster relief.. etc..etc..   Encouragement to others!!! If you can smile and shake a hand you are needed!!! There is such a great need for more and more Sojourners as there is always the situation of the "field is white unto harvest but the workers are few."

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