Operation GuyanaOperation Guyana
Thirty Americans worked in Guyana, under the direction of Partners In Progress, conducting a medical clinic for 4 days at Nismes with the assistance of members from the local church of Christ. [more…]


Sunset Bible Institute
The Sunset International Bible Institute is dedicated to the fulfillment of the task set forth by Jesus in the Great Commission which spells out that all peoples of every generation must hear… [more…]


The Sojouners
The Sojourner program was a dream of Paul and Peggie Scott. Paul was a career Navy man and, as such, had been in many places where the congregations of the Lord’s people… [more…]


Tahoe Family Encampment
Imagine camping in a campground filled only with Christians! Add in daily classes in Christian living, a Lord’s Day worship of over 1,500 fellow Christians, [more…]


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