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Mission of Palmdale church of Christ Youth Ministry

"To focus on helping young people to become more spiritually engaged in the church; as well as to identify and bring lost children to Christ by teaching the Gospel, resulting in Baptism."                             

Youth Newsletter
August Youth Newsletter
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Calendar of Events for August
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Supported Missions

Metropolitan Fresh Start House
Kinwood H. DeVore – Minister Executive Director
The U.S. Government has stated emphatically that the war against drugs is a war that we cannot win. [more…]

Paul Methvin
"Three Unusual Days"
There has possibly never been a greater need for the refreshing message of Jesus to be proclaimed. [more…]


City of Children
The City of Children is a home in Ensenada Mexico that cares for abandoned children. "Where do the children come from?”
All of the children at the City have a story. [more…]


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